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Herzberg HG-5012: Mineralized Showerhead

Price : 4,00 €

Herzberg HG-5012: Mineralized Showerhead

Enjoy the benefit of the luxurious spa at your own bathroom with the Herzberg HG-5012: Mineralized Shower Head. This showerhead has negative ion mineralized spheres that clean and purifies by absorbing harmful substance and toxin and is also improve the natural mineral nutrient absorption from the water. The mineral spheres are consist of 3 kinds that provide a powerful mineral that reduces impurities in that often which is beneficial to seal skin's moisture and balance the production of sebum in the oil glands and restore normal skin health. This bio-active 3 filter sphere technology removes 98.9% of water choline content and other harmful elements for a softer, smoother and healthy hair and skin. and This elegant shower head is made up of eco-friendly and safe materials. This showerhead is designed to save water, thanks to the microlaser nozzle hole mechanism that delivers a powerful amount of pressure. And it has 3 modes sprinkle mode which is rainfall, massage and jetting to accommodate your personal preference. It is also easy to install connections that fit standard hose in a second. Be rejuvenated and experience the health benefits and the luxury of a spa at your very home with the Herzberg HG-5012: Mineralized Shower Head.

3 Layers of Mineralized Spheres:

  • Mineralization stone - kind of mineral that purification function. Absorbs harmful substances in the air for achieve the effect of deodorization
  • Anion stone -release negative ions, improve lung ventilation & promote metabolism
  • Germanium stone - efficiently removes chlorine from tap water during bathing, shrinks skin pores, hydrates and whitens the skin to prevent skin aging

Attention: Mineral Stone Replacement/Additional can Purchase.


  • Bio-active 3 filter sphere technology
  • Purifies water and rejuvenates your skin
  • Microlaser nozzle hole mechanism
  • Miniature holes save up to 35% water
  • Promote healthy hair & skin
  • Smoothen and rejuvenate the skin
  • Softer, clearer skin, and hair
  • Reduces the secretion of oil & increase cell viability
  • Improved cleansing effect and hair loss prevention
  • Improves the natural moisturizing factor of the skin
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Release negative ions, improve lung ventilation & promote metabolism
  • Increases water pressure
  • Immediate result: natural shine, smooth hair
  • Safe, eco-friendly & easy to install
  • Perfect for any skin types and safe to pets
  • Note: Water hose note included


  • Brandname: Herzberg
  • Color: Silver
  • Sprinkler modes: Rainfall
  • Body Materials: ABS & Stainless Steel
  • Filter Materials: Bio-active mineral stones
  • Product Dimension: 23.5cm x 90cm x 80cm
  • Product Weight: 0.302 kgs

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Location : Rue Brogniez 48, 1070 Brussels,
Contact : Alon Papismedov, +32 4 85 44 80 85

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Herzberg HG-5012: Mineralized Showerhead

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