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Widmann MD9000T: 3-Ton Heavy Duty Professional Hydraulic Trolley Jack Orange

Price : 95,00 €

Widmann MD9000T: 3-Ton Heavy Duty Professional Hydraulic Trolley Jack


Low profile twin pump with rapid pump technology
With 2x Axel Stand
Extremely low profile only 7.5mm min. height
Widmann 4 ton jack with rapid hydraulic pump
Heavy steel structure and steel handle to ensure stability and high strength 
Piston ring and special pump surface treatment to ensure longevity & increase the ability to resist corrosion 
Built-in safety valve protects against overload 
Use of low-temperature hydraulic oil, to ensure that the working environment is not limited (-30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃)
Color: Red, Orange

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Color : Orange,Red

Location : Rue Brogniez 48, 1070 Brussels,
Contact : Alon Papismedov, +32 4 85 44 80 85

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Widmann MD9000T: 3-Ton Heavy Duty Professional Hydraulic Trolley Jack Orange

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