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Belgium Sanitary

Wellys Nose Hair Trimmer

Price : 2,30 €

Wellys®GI-041526: Nose Hair Trimmer

Wellys® Nose Hair Trimmer
This nasal hair trimmer does not need to hide! With its original rocket design, it is a real eye-catcher and practical at that. Its rotating blade quickly and reliably removes unwanted ear and nose hair. So small and space-saving as it is, it also ensures a perfectly maintained look when traveling!

  • Nose hair trimmer "New Design"
  • This trimmer easily removes unwanted hair from your ears and nose
  • It is equipped with rotary blades that remove hair without pain
  • Thanks to its innovative and eye-catching design, this device doesn't need to be stored in a drawer!
  • Operation with a battery-type AA (not included).
  • Item dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 13.7 (with stand and protective cap).
  • Material: ABS.

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Location : Rue Brogniez 48, 1070 Brussels,
Contact : Alon Papismedov, +32 4 85 44 80 85

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Wellys Nose Hair Trimmer

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