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Construction goods

Hydraulic crimping tool CPO-400

Quantity : 24000   Price : 1,00 €

Item: Hydraulic crimping tool

Item no.: CPO-400


Design to accommodate hexagonal, circular shell and indent type dies for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminum and ACSR conductors;

Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance to the connector hold position with minimum pumping action;

Automatic bypass when 700kgf/cm2 of oil pressure is reached;

The glass fiber operation insulates stick, can bear the electric voltage 20kvs, keeping on five minutes;

180 degree rotate head;

The pressure outside the body adjusts to press the valve, do not need the whole structure to tore down;

Comes complete with double molded plastic case.

Model :CPO-400

Range (mm2): Up to 250 copper Conductor size

Output (T): 13

Stroke (mm): 22

Storage oil (cc): 145

Mould (mm2): 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400

Voltage (V): 20,000 V/min

Weight (kg): 6.3

Location : M&E Industrial Zone of Yuhuan, 317600 taizhou,
Contact : qiu john, 86 512 88822204

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Hydraulic crimping tool CPO-400

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