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Belgium House linen
House linen

Peterhof PH-15832; Stainless Steel Cookware Set6pcs

Price : 20,00 €

Peterhof PH-15832; Stainless Steel Cookware Set  6pcs 

High quality stainless steel


Thermal background: 5-layer bottom with thermal conduction


Food warms up quickly and the material retains heat


Suitable for all cooking sources: electric, gas, ceramic, induction or halogen ranges


Practical and attractive handles that do not heat up


Cooking with little water and frying with little fat minimizes the loss of minerals and flavor


Easy to clean. Dishwasher


Saucepan with lid Ø16x10cm, 2.1L


Saucepan with lid Ø18x11cm, 3L


Saucepan with lid Ø20x12cm, 4L


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Location : Rue Brogniez 48, 1070 Brussels,
Contact : Alon Papismedov, +32 4 85 44 80 85

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Peterhof PH-15832; Stainless Steel Cookware Set6pcs

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