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Herzberg HG-5199; Toolbox / Toolkit, Set of 199 pieces​

Price : 55,00 €

PRODUCTS DETAILS : 12pcs hex key wrench 1/16-1/4 1pc 3/8" ratchet handle

2pcs 3/8"dr*16mm&21mm spark socket 2pcs 1/4"dr & 3/8"dr universal joint 1pc 3/8*75mm extension bar

2pcs glue sticks

22pcs 1/4dr.socket 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14mm; 5/16-9/32-1/4-7/32-3/16-5/32-11/32-15/32-7/16-3/8-9/16 8pcs 3/8dr.socket 15-16-17-19mm;

9/16-5/8-11/16-3/4 1pc 1/4*3/8"adaptor

7pcs screwdriver "+"3x75mm;"+, -"6x100mm; "+, -"5x75mm;"+, -"6x38mm

1pc bits holder 20pcs bits 25MM

1pc 6" long nose pliers 1pc 6" diagonal pliers 1pc 9" groove joint pliers 1pc 8" adjustable wrench 1pc 6" slip joint pliers

1pc 8"Wire stripping pliers 1pc 6''combination pliers 1pc 7"lock pliers

1pc tape

1pc Utility knife

1pc 5M measuring tape 1pc 250MM level

77pcs assorted fastener set 1pc 300g hammer

4pcs precision screwdriver "+, -"2.0; "+, -"2.4 1pc glue gun

25pcs table ties

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Location : Rue Brogniez 48, 1070 Brussels,
Contact : Alon Papismedov, +32 4 85 44 80 85

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Herzberg HG-5199; Toolbox / Toolkit, Set of 199 pieces​

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