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Operation of the scoring system

Our rating system is designed to guide users through the assessment to meet specific criteria and with the objective to assess the potential risk inherent in a transaction. This scoring system and risk assessment is decidedly positive as it allows:

Of the responsibility in its relationship with potential clients, but also to enhance the efforts that have been made ​​in terms of transparency and quality of service.   To have a powerful tool in order to assess the overall quality of a vendor profile and / or advertisement. The potential buyer will therefore have elements allowing it to form an opinion and thus secure the best possible transaction.

This "score" assigned to each advertiser and each ad, may change according to the criteria we will develop below:

Information available
The index is related to user behavior, its transparency (consistency information profile) and notes received from other users.

History of activity
The index is defined in relation to length of the advertiser, with notes from other users and experience gained on the site.

Indicator countries
It is more risky to make transactions with certain countries than others. This indicator will allow you to see things more clearly.
  Rating by users
This is the average of all notes that an announcement was received from users of the site.

Evaluation advertiser
This is the risk associated with an advertiser as defined in the overall assessment of their profile.

Ad text
It is the assessment of risk to an ad based on the quality of the text of it.

Our rating system is based on efficient automated tools (filters, calculation tools, etc..) And on self-assessment of the community Algomtl / DestockPlus (user evaluation by others). This system aims to be as accurate and as fair as possible, however we can not be held liable for any miscalculation on the part of the system.

If you have any questions about our rating system, pleaseContact our customer support.

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