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Tripolar Rf Vacuum Suction Cellulite Reduction Machine af-s38

Quantity : slimming m

HOT SALE Tripolar Rf Vacuum Suction Cellulite Reduction Machine


1.Love of the crystal is an advanced instrument of cosmetology and bodyfitting in the 21st century,because it fuses the medical cosmetology electricity face-lifting,the RFpenof making the skin supple,the head of medical electricity face-lifting,the ice wave head,exploing the fat head,the radio frequency head of losing weight,whose function is the following: removing the dark pouches,the pouch and the wrinkle of eyes;eliminating the wrinkle of face,promoting,whitening and making the skin tender,wiping off the scar;losing weight with high efficiency,removing the striae gravidarum and tightly tightening the flesh.Because of its merits such as its effect is quick and lasting,non-recoil and operation is simple,it is popular with beautician and people who love beauty.
2.4D multi-polar radio frequency slimming machine uses the 4D frequency conversion and negative pressure technology to break up the fat deeply. At the same time, the multi-polar could accelerate the metabolism of fat cells except to assist the movement of skin. It could also help to slim body during convenient rest.


slimming equipment lose weight ,vacuum strong can promote tissue metabolism,repel the celluiue.tighrten the skin ,strengthen the skin elastic and so on ,its effect will last for a long the same time ,it can enhance the muscle elasticity and improve the cell metabolism
with rolers in it ,can move different directions and different speed.

1..Tightening the flaccid skin;
2..Promoting the speed of organism metabolism and accelerating the waste and the moisture extraction of the body;
3.Reparing striae gravidarum;
4.Relaxing themuscies,relieving the muscle spasm and alleviating the ache symptomof muscles;
5.Losing weight of the whole body.
6..Improving the circulation of lymph and accelerate the fat burning.
7..It produces biologic heat energy to rise the organism temperature. It intenerates and breaks up the fat cells deeply.


1.tripolar RF handle aims at small parts
2.tripolar RF handle aims at facial polar RF handle aims at body
4.eight polar RF with vacuum suction break up thick fat
5.color touch-screen with multi-media
6.USB multimedia data transmission
7.Replacing and sumouning the surgery of attracting the fat;
8. the mini model for easy carry and transportaion
9. application for the facial and eye
10. easy to operation and maintain
11. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
12. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.
13. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns
14. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.


Input voltage: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Input power: <650w<br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; line-height: 16.2000007629395px; font-size:11px;" /> Output RF: 5MHz
Output pressure: 0-100KPa

Location : 2/F, No.12 Bldg,Huangzhou Industrial park,, 510660 Guangzhou,
Contact : winnie liu, 862085568582

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Tripolar Rf Vacuum Suction Cellulite Reduction Machine af-s38

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