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China Gadgets

WOODWARD 9907-164

Contact : Sandy Lin


Mob/Whatsapp : + 86 18020776786

Skype: onlywnn_1

Wechat : mooreplc

website :

Our service

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1. 100% original product, 100% quality assurance and the more competitive price.

If you find a fake . Please contact us without hesitation! We afford the shipment cost! We send you a new product asking zero cent!

2. Thoughful service

Professional after-sales service.

3. Quick Shipping

We have large quantites of inventories, can ship immediately.

Company infomation

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Main Brands:

world famous brand PLC, DCS system spare parts module
PLC module, programmable controller, CPU module,

IO module, DO module, AI module, DI module
Network communication module, Ethernet module,

motion control module, analog input module, analog output module,

Digital input module, digital output module, redundancy module,

power module, processor module, etc...

ABB CI520V1 3BSE012869R1
HONEYWELL CC-TDIL01 51308386-175
ABB SDCS-PIN-21 3ADT306200R1
ABB SDCS-PIN-21 3ADT306200R1
ABB TP854 3BSE025349R1
AB 81001-340-71-R
AB 80190-220-01-R
AB 1764-RTC
AB 1746-0B16
GE IC693APU302
ab 22B-D2P3N104
GE IC697MDL750
Honeywell TC-FXX132

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Location : 32D GuoMaoBuilding Hubinsouth Road ,Xiamen,China, 361006 xiamen,
Contact : sandy lin, +18 0 20 77 67 86

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WOODWARD 9907-164

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Sunday, May 02, 2021

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Dear Sirs! Our company is one of the exclusive natural mineral water suppliers in the Russian Beverage Market. We have been supplying natural mineral water for 7 years. Before this year we had focused our product on government administrative institutions, Banks, governor service...

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Product code: OVEM634 Weight: 30kg Dimensions: 422mm x 508mm x 337mm These differ from the three previous models in that they provide for 20 pre-programmed memories. You can program the memory buttons with two different cooking stages, i.e. 2 different times and 2 different power ratings (e...)

Gastrodirect Europe SA

  • 8087 - bertrange
  • +35 2 27 62 15 87
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