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PLC Processor . DCS Controller . HMI Panel . I/O Module . Power Supply Module . Proximitor . ControlLogix Chassis . Robot DSQC . PLC Cable . DCS Cable.


As a professional automation equipment company Moore Automation Limited provides industrial automation spare parts and discontinued spare parts throughout the year. Here, you can feel the professional service, and find high-quality products. No overseas online shopping required, just contact us and you will receive a surprise.

Application area

Electronics manufacturing industry

CNC machinery industry

Oil and gas industry

Petroleum chemical industry

Chemical industry Paper printing industry

Textile industry

Mechanical industry

Automobile manufacturing industry

Electric power industry

Energy industry

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Mb(Whatsapp): +86 18030235313

Siemens 6DS1402-8BA

SIEMENS 6EP1 334-1SL12

Siemens 6ep1334-1al11

Siemens 6ep1436-1sl11

Siemens 6EP4134-0GB00-0AY0

Siemens 6EQ2020-0AB12-5XX0

Siemens 6ES5 100-8MA02

SIEMENS 6ES5 308-3UC11

Siemens 6ES5 431-8MC11

SIEMENS 6ES5 441-8M411


Siemens 6ES5247-4UA31

Siemens 6ES53003AB11


Siemens 6ES5308-3UC21






Sharp AR-650FU

Sharp CBOX-0125D951

Sharp DUNTW0100NSM2

Sharp JW-212N

Sharp JW-212NA

Sharp JW-212S

Sharp JW-212SA

Sharp JW-21PU

Sharp JW-22CU

Sharp JW-26KB

Sharp JW-26ZB

Sharp JW-34N Input

Sharp ZW-16S4D

Sharp ZW-82N

Shaw Detecting Sensor A1-2983

Shaw Detecting Sensor A1-3190

Location : 32D units,GuoMao Building, No 388 Hubin South Road ,Siming district,Xiamen, 361009 XIAMEN,
Contact : TIFFANY GUAN, +8618030235313

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Russia 603009 Food
Natural mineral water

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Quantity : containers - Price : 0,317usd

Dear Sirs! Our company is one of the exclusive natural mineral water suppliers in the Russian Beverage Market. We have been supplying natural mineral water for 7 years. Before this year we had focused our product on government administrative institutions, Banks, governor service...

Global International Co., Ltd

  • 603009 - Nizhny Novgorod
  • +78 3 14 33 31 92
  • +79 2 00 40 52 22
France 31700 Audio and Video
Cameras for drains inspections

Monday, September 28, 2009

cameras for drains inspections AGM-TEC presents you the new generation of cameras for drains inspections: TUBICAM. Using leading edge technology, it's easy to carry and easy to use! Everything is carried in a beautifull and highly resistant aluminium suit-case. Contents: - CCD colour...


  • 31700 - Beauzelle
  • +33 5 61 42 90 63
  • +33 6 87 88 48 70
photo not available

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quantity : Full Conta - Price : 20 000,00 €

Ricoh Aficio 1013-----------60 Ricoh Aficio 1013F----------14 Ricoh Aficio 1015----------122 Ricoh Aficio 1018-----------12 Ricoh Aficio 1018D----------10 Ricoh Aficio 1022----------127 Ricoh Aficio 1027-----------39 Ricoh Aficio 1032------------3 Ricoh Aficio 1035-----------31...

GM Technology-TL Copiers

  • 41700 - Sevilla
  • +34 6 95 95 64 66
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