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Frontal Camera

Frontal Camera


For all of you out there who like to exercise, isn't it hard to carry a camera when you're trying to do something incredible?

Feel as free as a bird and live out your experiences to the full with the frontal camera MOUVICAM. Immortalize your sensations in an instant, whatever the activity (extreme sports, mountain climbing, golf, etc)

Light AND practical (98 grams), MOUVICAM will follow you everywhere!

Easy to use, you just press on the button above the camera to turn it on or off. The videos are saved on a Micro SD card of a maximum of 4 Gig (NOT INCLUDED). To view them on your computer, just plug it in with the USB cable included with the camera.

Imagine, you succeed in doing something incredible, but no one is there to see it. But MOUVICAM filmed it all. Now, you just have to.....

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Contact : JOSE PECCI, +33 5 61 42 90 63

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Frontal Camera

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